Russian as a foreign language

Welcome to study Russian language with us.

We, native Russian speakers with bachelor and master degrees in teaching this rich and powerful language, one of the most developed languages in the world, are aware that learning it is a challenging task. We appreciate your effort, take it with great respect, and will be helpful in every possible way.

We are ready to adjust our programs depending on your ultimate goals, and we will use the most suitable methods to help you feel comfortable and not overwhelmed.

For basic conversation, you will primarily work on pronunciation, vocabulary needed in everyday use, and conversational grammar. Communication is the main area we focus on.

If you are planning to do business with Russian speaking partners, you will need to study the business vocabulary specific to your field of work.

If your goal is reaching the proficiency, you will need to commit to the comprehensive study of pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar, as well as listening, speaking, and reading.

We offer private and small group lessons. We also offer cyber tutoring as we have mastered the teaching on Skype and via Email.

In addition to teaching the language on a regular basis, we teach some Russian songs, and they help our students express themselves emotionally and musically while learning words and idioms. They have an opportunity to realize that learning the language through music is really rewarding.

You can learn about our prices, policy and register online here
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